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888 Prospect St
La Jolla California 92037
United States




ZignaGenix is a leader of Stem Cell derived therapies, we have helped thousands of patients to achieve amazing results. The first membership-based, comprehensive longevity solution that harnesses the power of stem cells and integrateive therapies to produce life-changing results.

Your body's engine of regeneration is your stem cells. They're naturally occurring cells that you have now - and they're at work every minute throughout your body repairing tissue, fighting inflammation, and supporting the health of your brain, nervous system, muscles, and reproductive systems. As we age, our stem cell numbers decrease in both quantity as well as quality. This can lead to slower recovery, brain fog and fatigue, sexual dysfunction, chronic pain, and slow recovery.

But it doesn't have to be that way. These cells can be replenished with new, young, and healthy stem cells. Patients who have received stem cell therapy report feeling years younger after one treatment. These treatments can also be used as part of a comprehensive antiaging protocol.

Our multilingual, highly skilled team has more than 30 years combined experience in Anti-aging Medicine and Regenerative Medicine. Zignagenix International includes stem cell therapy clinics in San Diego, CA and Mexico. We treat all types of conditions with safe, effective protocols by expert stem cell physicians. We offer millions of stem cells derived from the umbilical cord and billions more exosomes at a fraction of what it costs.

Mexico's top specialists have years of experience in stem cells and longevity medicine. They staff our clinics in Mexico. Our treatment spaces include both luxury IV therapy lounges and standard hospital-style treatment rooms, to ensure maximum comfort and safety during treatment. Our medical teams have provided life-changing treatment for thousands of patients, just like you.

Our clients are top performing business people and their families, so we make our process as simple and streamlined as possible. Our treatments are all "outpatient" and you can easily be in and out of our facility and back home the same day.

1. Once you have signed up for treatment we will schedule your arrival date.
2. Our driver will pick you up from the San Diego airport and take you directly to our facility.
3. You'll receive your treatment, which takes from 1-3 hours depending on your specific program.
4. Once your treatment is completed, our driver will return you to the airport.
5. Our shuttle vehicles are certified as medical transportation, which reduces the time for the US border crossing to just minutes.


About La Jolla

La Jolla ( lə HOY-ə, American Spanish: [la ˈxoʝa]) is a hilly, seaside city partially within the City of San Diego, mistaken for a neighborhood, within San Diego, occupying 7 miles (11 km) of curving coastline along the Pacific Ocean. The population reported in the 2010 census was 46,781.La Jolla is surrounded on three sides by ocean bluffs and beaches and is located 12 miles (19 km) north of Downtown San Diego and 45 miles (72 km) south of the Orange County line. The climate is mild, with an average daily temperature of 70.5 °F (21.4 °C).La Jolla is home to many educational institutions and a variety of businesses in the areas of lodging, dining, shopping, software, finance, real estate, bioengineering, medical practice and scientific research. The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) is located in La Jolla, as are the Salk Institute, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (part of UCSD), Scripps Research Institute, and the headquarters of National University (though its academic campuses are elsewhere). == History == === Origin of the name === Local Native Americans, the Kumeyaay, called this location mat kulaaxuuy (IPA: [mat kəlaːxuːj]), lit.



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Griselda Galarza

stem cell therapy san diego, stem cells san diego, stem cell clinic san diego, stem cell treatment san diego, cell therapy san diego

My work keeps me on my feet and walking all day. After 20 plus years of doing the same, I noticed inflammation, pain and discomfort in my knees. I have a high pain threshold so I just lived with it. In June of this year I was referred to Zignagenix by my doctor because I do not want surgery but yet I want to feel better and stay active. My osteoarthritis in both knees was starting to slow me down. After an evaluation from Dr Ramón, Stem Cell therapy was highly recommended and I was given lots of information on how the Stem Cells would help my condition. Long story short I had both of knees injected at their clinic by Dr Ivan; it was painless , quick and easy. I was also given Exosomes. Within a couple of days, the pain in my knees was considerably reduced and as everyday had gone by I have felt stronger and better. My energy levels are extremely high and I have gone back to doing Yoga. Zignagenix took great care of me and their prices are very affordable. I was back home resting and relaxing within hours. Thank you April, Dr Ramón and Dr Ivan.

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Carlos Ituarte

stem cell therapy san diego, stem cells san diego, stem cell clinic san diego, stem cell treatment san diego, cell therapy san diego

Dr. Ramon at Zignagenix recommended 100 Million Stem Cells for my shoulder and joint pain. I had 20 Million injected into each shoulder and the remaining Stem Cells I was given through an IV to go to my whole body. I also had some used for a facial to improve my appearance. I had suffered for many years and had tried physical therapy and Chiropractors which were great, but never long lasting relief. I would always reinjure my shoulders too if worked out. I finally decided to research Stem Cells , I understood inflammation would be reduced, tissue would be regrown and that would help strengthen the surrounding areas around my shoulders. I was excited that surrounding tissue around my shoulders could healed from within my body without surgery. I had zero downtime afterward and I immediately felt great but the best part came 2 months later, I felt strong enough to start working out and to do pushups and pull ups where as before I had a hard time elevating my arms above my head. I also felt physically and mentally rejuvenated. The total procedure took less than 4 hours and without surgery or I am amazed how great I feel now more than 6 months later. Zignagenix was amazing with great customer service and great prices.

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